Fall semester cancelled – Session d’automne annulée

Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, the fall semester at McGill Kendo has been cancelled. If you need to pick up bogu or other personal materials from the gym, please contact Monteil-sensei at to arrange a time slot with the gym. Entry to the gym is authorized only with an appointment. Sensei will sendContinue reading “Fall semester cancelled – Session d’automne annulée”

2020 Intercollegiate Tournament – Tournoi interuniversitaire 2020

Saturday February 1st, 2020 / Stratford, ON1e février 2020 / Stratford, ON 3rd/3ème place (Undergrad individuals/1e cycle individuel) : Étienne Mathieu 3rd/3ème place (Alumni individuals/individuel) : Shawn Kim 1st/1ére place (Undergrad teams/1e cycle équipe) : McGill Undergrad A William Wong Molly Ricciardi Muhang Li Ell Kwon Étienne Mathieu) 2nd/2ème place (Alumni teams/équipe) : McGill Alumni A Bryan Lee CharlesContinue reading “2020 Intercollegiate Tournament – Tournoi interuniversitaire 2020”

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