NEW! Online Training – NOUVEAU! Entraînement en ligne

Good news! As the COVID-19 pandamic rages on, McGill Kendo practices has been suspended already for almost a year. Unfortunately, it is still impossible to resume practice due to the governmental health restrictions. However, McGill Kendo is joining the ranks of many kendo clubs who have moved their practices online. Starting February 20th, 2021, weContinue reading “NEW! Online Training – NOUVEAU! Entraînement en ligne”

Fall semester cancelled – Session d’automne annulée

Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, the fall semester at McGill Kendo has been cancelled. If you need to pick up bogu or other personal materials from the gym, please contact Monteil-sensei at to arrange a time slot with the gym. Entry to the gym is authorized only with an appointment. Sensei will sendContinue reading “Fall semester cancelled – Session d’automne annulée”

2020 Intercollegiate Tournament – Tournoi interuniversitaire 2020

Saturday February 1st, 2020 / Stratford, ON1e février 2020 / Stratford, ON 3rd/3ème place (Undergrad individuals/1e cycle individuel) : Étienne Mathieu 3rd/3ème place (Alumni individuals/individuel) : Shawn Kim 1st/1ére place (Undergrad teams/1e cycle équipe) : McGill Undergrad A William Wong Molly Ricciardi Muhang Li Ell Kwon Étienne Mathieu) 2nd/2ème place (Alumni teams/équipe) : McGill Alumni A Bryan Lee CharlesContinue reading “2020 Intercollegiate Tournament – Tournoi interuniversitaire 2020”

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