Fall 2021 – Sensei-appreciation post / Automne 2021 – MERCI à tous nos senseis

As a part of their written exam for the internal grading F2021, students were asked to submit two haiku poems describing the performance of their instructors over the semesters.

Here are the beautiful masterpieces we have received.

Thank you to all the instructors who took their time to plan for their classes and share their love and knowledge of kendo to all the members!

Dans leur examen écrit pour le passage de grade interne A2021, les étudiants ont dû soumettre deux poèmes en format haïku décrivant la performance de leurs instructeurs pendant le trimestre.

Voici les excellents chef-d ’œuvres que nous avons reçus (en anglais seulement).

Merci encore à tous les instructeurs qui ont pris le temps de planifier leurs cours respectifs et de partager leur amour et leurs connaissances de kendo avec tous nos membres!

Teaching me kata
Thank you for being patient
It was fun to learn

No he is not dead
He just moved to Vancouver
Made me feel welcome

“Terrible,” he tends to say
But makes you better at the end of the day
And that makes him very great

“Cool” is gotta be the word
Louder kiai so you can be heard
Welcome to the kendo world

Wonderful coach, guide and facilitator
Truly lucky to have you
As the first kendo instructor

You are passionate about kendo,
And pass that to others
To a great extent

From S sensei,
I learnt persistence
And love for kendo

From B sensei,
I learnt confidence,
To finish every strike

B sensei standing,
The tsuka one hand gripping
“Throw the shinai. Far.”

A roaring mountain,
Kiai rolling down its stone.
L sensei : “OZAAAAA!”

E : Centered, focused
Strong, deliberate, accurate
She’s kind of scary

W : strong and swift
Fast, aggressive yet precise
He’s also scary

Crude is the humor
Found in creative teachers
Like M sensei

What disparity
Between teacher and pupil
How far we can go

I am hot and cold
Now kiai with all you got,
Don’t hold back for them

Tsuba above head
Raise your sword in every cut,
To strengthen yourself

Can you hear the sound
Of a thousand hayasuburi
That we’re enduring?

Under watchful eyes
Practicing art of kata
For graduation

With towering height
Booming voice encourages
One strike to finish

Chuckles ripple, as
Sensei jokes with new students
Apprehension gone

S sensei is very energetic, professional and humorous.
He gives good instructions on kendo practice.
His class is very engaging.
I would feel a huge loss if I miss one of his classes.
His teaching can make anyone love kendo.

A sensei gives very good instructions.
He always comes early especially on Saturday mornings.
He is very caring and always ready to help.
I am very happy in his class and I can learn a lot from him.

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