Welcome to the brand new McGill Kendo Club Website!

On behalf of the McGill Kendo Club Website team, I would like to welcome you to our brand-new website.

On February 2020, a student of McGill Kendo Club (yours truly) has decided to put an end to the use of the 7 year old site that was never updated and build a new, student-run, site where visitors and newcomers could easily access information about the club.

Through this initiative, the McGill Kendo Club Website team strives to increase visibility of our club in the McGill University and Montreal community, encourage student engagement, and share our love for kendo with the people around the world.

Thank you to all our senseis and club members for supporting us throughout.

We hope to see you very soon!

Website Project Leader
Saturday April 04th, 2020 (amidst the COVID19 outbreak)

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